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Wednesday, April 18, 2007
Even sicker than a mentally disturbed university student are all the media
sharks including PBS, who had a feeding frenzy over the Virginia Tech tragedy.
There is a time to mourn and a time to heal and comfort. EXPLOITIVE National TV is not the platform.

Shamelessly, foolishly, one anchor or "expert" after another, played armchair
detective, psychologist, and spokesman, second guessing while letting the
responsible authorities off the hook.
Every parent and student should be enraged with the school authorities.
Yes, there should have been a total lock down after the first incident
and the campus should have been flooded with every known police
agency and National Guard personnel available.
One pundit quipped,"what kind of message would this send"
What happened to our so-called homeland security in a post-911 era?
Was this any different than a terrorist act? Guns sold to a foreign nationalist?
A two hour gap. Would an outsider have known the layout of the campus to
systematically go to a specific location, kill two people, and leave the scene
unnoticed?, indicating an inside job, the assailant is still on campus.
Sorry, not only was this incident in and of itself our nation's greatest school
disaster but the way in which it was handled was equally disasterous.
Once again, a stunned commander in chief comes, with wife in tow, to lay a wreath at the feet of the fallen. Not another Columbine, but another Katrina disaster. Failure to take proper action.

This was not the first school shooting. Let's not forget a criminal's M.O.
(modus operandi) Despite Hollywood's and TV's continuous sick display of
violence where every victim is blown away by one shot, reality is quite
different. Firing a handgun and hitting the mark with pin-point deadly accuracy
is not that easy. Consider the case of Sean Bell where trained police officers
fired 51 rounds, one officer firing 31 rounds alone.
Question: Where and how did the gunman acquire his skill? (Video games? Perhaps)
Cho was not firing at people. His victims were completely dehumanized.
Perhaps as dehumanized as the media.
"He went back to his dorm to re-arm."
Question: Re-arm with what? He was already armed with two handguns and
50 or more rounds of ammunition which he could easily hide in his belt or his backpack.
Who saw him re arm? What manner of reporting can make such a vapid statement?

The assailant was disgusted with decadence and debauchery. Albeit, sadly
misplaced. One might say the type of behavior displayed by our national media.
With their pathetic false show of emotion, not a minute of silence in respect
for the dead. With such shameless reporting, forgetting the copy-cat syndrome,
they may have assured it will happen again. Careful, next time it may be you.
Where is our moral indignation?
America, America where are you?

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