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Saturday, August 26, 2006

A longtime friend and former partner of mine, Inspector Paul Delise,
has passed away . He was 86 years old.
A better friend and partner an honest cop could not wish for. He did not want any police or veterans fanfare, nor did He want a wake, funeral, or memorial service. He was also against having an obituary
in the newspaper.
Below is a paragraph from a Eulogy his daughter had written and distributed
to family members.
"My father worked as a police officer for New York City. He retired
after 30 years of service in the rank of Deputy Chief Inspector. During
his service he made a lot of good friends and a few enemies. His good
friends were those who were honest, like him. His enemies were those who
were dishonest and corrupt. He entertained countless people with his
police stories, especially during holiday dinners. He achieved some
notoriety in the latter part of his career by helping fellow officer,
Frank Serpico, expose the corruption on the force to the New York Times
which started an investigation that led to the Knapp Commission. I was
too young to appreciate or understand this. All I remember is how proud
I was to say my father was in a book and a movie that had something to
do with a guy named Frank Serpico, who worked under my father, but got
shot, but exposed some type of scandal, that later became the topic of
some famous investigation, that created a whole bunch of controversy,
but generated a lot of changes in the police department, that became the topic
of a lot of book deals in which my father was notoriously cited. I wish I
could honor my father better by speaking more eloquently on this topic but
I can't. I never really saw my father as a policeman. I saw him as a funny
guy, an artist, a philosopher, and a romantic who use to like to sing like
Mario Lanza at the top of his voice while driving down the Cross Bronx

I think most of his 6 children saw him in this light. Someone recently
referred to my father as a legend....I know he leaves behind a legacy to
which we are all proud.
I could not agree more.Even in life he was referred to as St.Paul.
The only retirement gift I received from the whole NYPD was from Paul in his usual funny way, a money clip with a detectives shield and the inscription;
"To Frank a good cop and a good friend"
I say ditto to you Paul I know you are in good company with all the other good saints.
Without you it would have never happened.

Det.Frank Serpico
NYPD Retired
Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Sunday mornings the air waves are replete with one hour long "religion" commercials remenicent of the snake oil peddlers of old trying to relieve a crowd of suckers of a few of their hard earned dollars,( albeit some of them not so hard earned)
The only difference being the peddlers gear, instead of a chuck wagon and a mule this modern day shiester is swaggering around in the best suit your money can buy perched like a vulture on a giant pulpit,and burping from his last undigested feast.
He moans uh, Christian science is a fraud uh, the Mormans are fools uh, The ACLU are commies uh,
They defend Evolutionism uh.
I say to these tax free capitalist leaches thus:
Does evolution deny the existence of God uh?
Did not God create the whole enchilada uh?
In our own lifetime did we not evolve from a microscopic tadpole uh?
If you don't believe in evolution uh, how do you explain the presence of a Neanthathol in the white house UH?
Tuesday, August 22, 2006
A SIMPLE EQUATION and a rhetorical question

War Criminal #1 gives War Criminal #2 a batch of WMD's and encourages him to drop them in your Hood, destroying it along with your wife and children and leaving your garden littered with unexploded cluster bombs for good measure.
Then War Criminal #1 throws you a couple of bucks ($2) and says here this is to help rebuild your home.
What would you think of this creature and the people that support his actions,what would you say to them?
Did I hear someone shout ZIG HEIL? Sir you are much too kind.
Tuesday, August 15, 2006
Last night I watched one of the very few worthwhile programs on public telivision Turtle Creek Chorale - The Power of Harmony
Emotionally compelling and honest, it provided a look into the lives of some of the groups members.
Watching a grown man being rejected by his own parents as he tried to make contact with them after 25 years was heart breaking. I could not begin to imagine what he was going through.
They rejected him for being Gay and reported and humiliated him before the whole church congregation.
When the mother heard the son's voice on the phone she referred to him as "my precious little lamb"
She asked him if he was like the prodigal son returning home and was he ready to repent and give up his life style. The son answered "I will always be what I am"
The mother unlike the father of the prodigal son, who not only accepted him but gave him the best he had to offer, rejected him.
Her excuse was that it was so written in the bible. Good Lord, not only did she fail to understand the passage, lacking compassion and love she used the Bible for an authority to hide behind..
Too cowardly to make a personal decision.
Most likely it's the same mentality of some people who say the Koran is a wacky book.
His mother told him he had a choice, the son said he did not. I agree with the son.
Not only is she ignorant of what was written, she is also ignorant about biology.
The son was true to himself and the God that made him and all of us.
Some parents grow old but never grow up.
If they become "leaders" of nations it causes the to make such statements as the hesboola made me bomb your country, it's all their fault.
Cowards too weak to accept the responsibility of their own actions.
Wednesday, August 09, 2006
Does the human race deserve to survive?

Only the good die young,
And they whose hearts are dry as summer dust
are rotten to the core.

Meanwhile, at social Industry's command
How quick, how vast an increase. From the germ
Of some poor hamlet, rapidly produced
Here a huge town, continuous and compact
Hiding the face of earth for leagues - and there,
Where not a habitation stood before, >
Abodes of men irregularly massed
Like trees in forests, - spread through spacious tracts.
O'er which the smoke of unremitting fires
Hangs permanent, and plentiful as wreaths
Of vapour glittering in the morning sun.
And, wheresoe'er the traveller turns his steps
He sees the barren wilderness erased,
Or disappearing; triumph that proclaims
How much the mild Directress of the plough
Owes to alliance with these new-born arts!
- Hence is the wide sea peopled, - hence the shores
Of Britain are resorted to by ships
Freighted from every climate of the world
With the world's choicest produce. Hence that sum
Of keels that rest within her crowded ports
Or ride at anchor in her sounds and bays;
That animating spectacle of sails
That, through her inland regions, to and fro
Pass with the respirations of the tide,
Perpetual, multitudinous! . . .
. . . I grieve, when on the darker side
Of this great change I look; and there behold
Such outrage done to nature as compels
The indignant power to justify herself;
Yea, to avenge her violated rights.
For England's, America's and Israel's bane.

Appologies and thanks to: William Wordsworth

Hiding behind or attaching labels labels of anti-semitism, racism, fascism, liberalism is not a defense.
By their deeds you shall know them,
There are righteous people in the world unfortunately they are conspicuously lacking in the leadership of the above mentioned countries and the corporate media.

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