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Thursday, October 29, 2009
It's the occupation Stupid
Did I hear Warlord Hillary call someone a Coward?

What would she call someone who hides in the safety of a cubical with his belly full of "big macs" and with a finger detonates a Drone WMD on innocent women and children, Hovering over their heads for hours, days, terrorising whole villages.
Why does our media never show the carnage they inflict?
OH yes, I know they are just collateral damage while attempting to assassinate a suspect, yes suspect, what happened to our democratic system of trial by jury?
No, some poor desperate misdirected soul with nothing left to give or live for, offers his or her life. Why?
Because they are sick and tired of the lies that flow from the mouths of politicians bent on world domination.
You call them cowards? No you can call them anything but cowards.

Your Willie is a coward, not man enough to admit he inhailed, not man enough to take responsibility for his behavior in the Oral Office. How quickly we forget.
Our men and women in uniform who take their own lives because the can no longer endure the hardships you heap on them, should be accorded the highest respect but their commander in chief does not find them worthy of a letter of sympathy to their serviving kin.
Justice Goldstone's report of Israel's war crimes is dismissed by warlord Netanyahu calling him a traitor? because Goldstone happens to be a Jew and a Zionist he is expected to cover up war crimes?
Netenyahu spewing smoke about the Holocaust, yes we know about the Holocaust that was then this is now with the worlds biggest concentration camp called Palestine. You have been hiding behind the tragedy of lost lives while your tactics are no more respectable than that of Nazi swine.

Before strutting around the globe wasting tax payer dollars with our economy in shambles and the filthy rich, which includes our corrupt politicians and bankers getting richer. Before dictating to others what to do, first clean your own dirty nickers and establish some credibility .

Stop sacrificing our nations youth for your personal greed.
Get you axis out of Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan et al. Share the wealth.
The world is watching and waiting.

Your rage lures you from your hole of lies and your revenge leaps forth from behind your word "JUSTICE"

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