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Tuesday, July 26, 2011
Norway Morns
Heartfelt sympathy to the families, friends and loved ones
of the victims of Norway's great disaster.
"Improve the world Begin with yourself"
Said my old next door neighbor as I watched him milking his little heard of cows by hand.
That was long before the milk conglomerates came into the neighborhood and put him out of business.
The years passed but I never forgot those words.
Words to live by.
Perhaps if Mr. OBOMBER and his consorts, Democrats, Republicans and congress alike, lived by those words we would not be in the mess we are in today.
Are these the men and women worthy of running the most powerful nation in the world?
Or a bunch of school kids putting off doing their home work till Sunday night after goofing off all weekend?
Our commanding officer is beseeching the American public to bail him out by calling their law makers for help.(with his home work)
As if they are not a part an parcel of this debacle.
Instead of preaching, to the people who elected him, about austerity, how about leading by example.
He might start right in his own household by reigning in the 1st lady,s born of the manner, outrageous extravagance at home and abroad.
All paid for by our tax dollars.
Ms Shell is nothing but a shell of a first lady.

Which brings me to my point:
What this country and the world needs is some honest politicians.
Not the "yes you can, Chicken in every pot" banter.
After all it's the the politicians with their self serving interest that got us into this mess.
Not the hard working people of this country, if they can find work.

Now our great reps are playing chicken with not only our health and welfare but the world economy.
Who will be the first to give in, like brats blaming each other as if they are not all to blame.
They are playing the people that elected them like a fiddle.
As if they don,t know how it is going to turn out in the end.
Setting us up between a rock and a hard place.
In the end it will be the people who will suffer not the politicians.
The world's largest Economy.
The world's largest victims of government incompetency.
In brief:
We Waite
While the decide our fate
With their bellies full
To serve us another load of bull

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