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Wednesday, June 09, 2010
In a world being overrun with corruption, greed and lies,
It is easy to comprehend why outspoken truth tellers like Hanin Zoabi and Helen Thomas have the tables reversed on them and are called traitors and terrorist by the most of evil doers.
The NYPD had Officer Adrian Schoolcraft manacled and taken to the psycho ward for exposing the Police Departments fudging of statistics.
Perhaps NYPD Commissioner Kelly is going to Israel to compare notes with Netenyahu on strategy to show the world how well they investigate themselves.
Sunday, June 06, 2010
Empowering the Bully
Netanyaahu Israel's schoolyard bully cries Holocaust every time he commits a treacherous wanton act of murder.
On May 20,2010 the U.S, house voted 410 to 4 to boost Israels military another 250M to defend itself against unarmed Palestinians and anyone offering them humanitarian aid.
Netanyahu rejects an impartial international investigation because he knows no matter how much he lies he will be found guilty of Piracy, murder, kidnapping, grand theft, and wrongful imprisonment on international waters,to mention but a few of his crimes.
What does he care he has nuclear weapons.
Can the Israeli government be trusted?
They say they must defend themselves from their enemy.
What did America do to deserve The USS Liberty being attacked by Israel's unmarked aircraft on June 8,1967.
Killing 34 Americans and wounding 174 others.
Israel had hoped to sink the ship and blame the Egyptians.
But their were surviving witnesses to tell the true story of the USS Liberty flying the American Flag.
No the Israeli government is no friend of peace loving people.
It only is capable of lies to flees us out of our tax dollars while we are hated the world over for their misdeeds.

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