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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

GOP Candidate Ron Paul: "We’re Under Great Threat Because We Occupy So Many Countries"


Near the end of Monday’s Republican presidential debate, Republican Rep. Ron Paul of Texas drew boos from the crowd and a rebuke from other candidates on the podium when he criticized U.S. foreign policy in discussing the roots of the 9/11 attacks. "We’re under great threat because we occupy so many countries," Paul said. "We have to be honest with ourselves. What would we do if another country, say China, did to us what we do to all those countries over there?" Our guest, Columbia University Professor Mahmood Mamdani, responded to Dr. Paul’s comments by saying, "He sounds like a professor. I mean, he’s trying to educate his audience, and the audience is not ready to be educated. It wants to be rallied to a cause that it doesn’t have to think about." Mamdani is the author of several books, including "Good Muslim, Bad Muslim: America, the Cold War, and the Roots of Terror."

The truth hurts and will always draw boos from from the closed minded brainwashed masses.

Friday, September 09, 2011
Frontline's drama of a tragedy

A smorgasbord of men and women of religion and philosophy giving their best performance for the camera.
All denominations of religion and samplings of their places of worship.
Massive material splendor paying ransom homage to the god of their imagination and choice.
Some even blaming that very god for the loss of loved ones or the suffering inflicted by tyrants.
But, God is not responsible for the hatred of men.
God has no need for the opulence of churches, synagogues,mosques.
It is written, wherever people gather in my name I am there.
There was no blueprint set down by God for the construction of palaces in which to honor the almighty.
These were built by men not to honor God but for their own pride and glorification.

The one true God is a God of love of all living beings, no
matter their nationality or color of skin.
The only evil that exists is in the hearts of men and women who profess to know and God.
Yet belittle, torture and slaughter his/her children.
Terrorism is not just they do to us but also what we do to them.
Terrorism is the abuse of power to the extreme, the negation of human dignity and the violation of the laws of humanity.

On this tenth anniversary of 9/11 may we all and especially those who have lost family and loved ones to the hatred engendered before during and after 9/11 find peace and love in their hearts for themselves and for the entire human race.
Thomas Payne put it well when he said; I am a citizen of the universe my religion is doing good.

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