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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Sunday mornings the air waves are replete with one hour long "religion" commercials remenicent of the snake oil peddlers of old trying to relieve a crowd of suckers of a few of their hard earned dollars,( albeit some of them not so hard earned)
The only difference being the peddlers gear, instead of a chuck wagon and a mule this modern day shiester is swaggering around in the best suit your money can buy perched like a vulture on a giant pulpit,and burping from his last undigested feast.
He moans uh, Christian science is a fraud uh, the Mormans are fools uh, The ACLU are commies uh,
They defend Evolutionism uh.
I say to these tax free capitalist leaches thus:
Does evolution deny the existence of God uh?
Did not God create the whole enchilada uh?
In our own lifetime did we not evolve from a microscopic tadpole uh?
If you don't believe in evolution uh, how do you explain the presence of a Neanthathol in the white house UH?

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