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Tuesday, August 15, 2006
Last night I watched one of the very few worthwhile programs on public telivision Turtle Creek Chorale - The Power of Harmony
Emotionally compelling and honest, it provided a look into the lives of some of the groups members.
Watching a grown man being rejected by his own parents as he tried to make contact with them after 25 years was heart breaking. I could not begin to imagine what he was going through.
They rejected him for being Gay and reported and humiliated him before the whole church congregation.
When the mother heard the son's voice on the phone she referred to him as "my precious little lamb"
She asked him if he was like the prodigal son returning home and was he ready to repent and give up his life style. The son answered "I will always be what I am"
The mother unlike the father of the prodigal son, who not only accepted him but gave him the best he had to offer, rejected him.
Her excuse was that it was so written in the bible. Good Lord, not only did she fail to understand the passage, lacking compassion and love she used the Bible for an authority to hide behind..
Too cowardly to make a personal decision.
Most likely it's the same mentality of some people who say the Koran is a wacky book.
His mother told him he had a choice, the son said he did not. I agree with the son.
Not only is she ignorant of what was written, she is also ignorant about biology.
The son was true to himself and the God that made him and all of us.
Some parents grow old but never grow up.
If they become "leaders" of nations it causes the to make such statements as the hesboola made me bomb your country, it's all their fault.
Cowards too weak to accept the responsibility of their own actions.

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