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Tuesday, April 25, 2006
AmericUS. My K-nine friend

She has been abused by her handlers.
AmericUS, fearless, faithful and trusting,
a noble Dane, a good Shepherd, an intrepid Pit Bull
is getting infested with lice, Candida Lice et al.
Abused by her former and current masters.
The well dressed, smooth talking, well armed, filthy rich ... cowards,
growing fat from oil revenues and war profiteer+ing.

They throw AmericUS, without shame or remorse into dusty pits
to fight any cur that has the audacity to bark, growl or sniff.
And Why not? no sweat off their miserable imoral backs.
AmericUS, my brave and noble warrior,
you are fast becoming overwhelmed by blood sucking ticks, ....Politicks.

AmericUS, my faithful friend, protector,
you are in great need of a good Front-line,
to make you immune to these vermin.

They are thriving on your blood
that was made rich by working class immigrants.

AmericUS, hope of the oppressed,
you are in need of a Humane Society to free you
from this undeserved abuse
and bring your masters to task.

They are not fit to rule such a noble friend as you.
They are not fit to feed from your bowl,
yet they feed you scraps from their festive tables, bask in luxury,
control the Nations wealth,
while using you to guard it and them with your life.

Instead of keeping you here to protect our homes,
they send you abroad to chase after illusive shadows.

They are stifling your voice, they have placed a bark restrainer,
like a yoke, around your neck.
they threaten to confine you in the dog house should you complain.
They have put you on a leash and parade you around
like proud owners at a dog show.
They smile, wave, make empty promises and strutt
around the globe .....but keep you on a leash.

But they do not own you these slave masters
You were born free,
our fathers shed their blood to keep you free
You were made strong and weaned on our mothers milk.

You don't belong to US
You are US
We all belong to you

(c) Frank Serpico 4/25/06

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