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Thursday, April 06, 2006
See no evil?, hear no evil?, speak no evil? Do no evil.

"No, I have not the strength to bear this any longer.
God, the things they are doing to me!
They pour cold water upon my head!
They do not heed me, or see me, nor listen to me.
What have I done to them? why do they torture me?
What do they want of poor me?
What can I give them? I have nothing."
They have invaded my country and kidnaped me from my home.
They have murdered my parents and my siblings
with their weapons of mass distruction.
Have they no children of their own? No mothers that love them?
"My strength is gone, I cannot endure all this torture. My head is aflame,
and everything spins before my eyes. "
Shall there be no justice in this world?
Will the real tyrants ever be brought to justice?
The devils work they do in the name of God.
"Save me someone. Take me away. Give me three steeds,
steeds as fast as the whirling wind! Seat youreself driver, ring out,
little harness bell, wing your way up, steeds, and rush me out of this world,"
this fools paradise. "On and on, so that nothing be seen of it, nothing.
Mother dear, save your poor son! Shed a tear upon his aching head.
See, how they torture him. Press the poor orphan to your heart.
There is no place for him in the whole wide world!
He is a hunted creature. Mother dear, take pity on your sick little child."

In homage to Nikolai Gogol

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