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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Friends and all seekers of peace and Justice.
I wish to address a few blogs you may have read in more detail.
The first is from an alleged former NYC "police officer"

He gives his name and states:

"I retired in 1985 and know some of the guys that you helped convict. How do you sleep at night ??? All you did was convict some low level bag men. Thats it. You are the one that should have been arrested. I hope you get what is coming to you someday what ever that may be. "

What foolish and distorted sense of logic and values, that those who violate their oath of office and the Law, wish to punish the Law abiding for their own transgressions and in so doing attempt to numb their own conscience.

While plucking at the scabs of their own misgivings look for the mote in their brothers eye while ignoring the timber in their own eye.

A "bag man" for the uninitiated is a police officer who collects extortion money from "criminals" for protection and distributes same to other officers on the take including their bosses.

In return for not revealing their bosses if caught may receive more hush money along with some minimal jail time.The going rate at the time (1960's-70's) was $50.000.

I did not convict anyone and my issue was not particularly with them.

Your issue is not with me but the bosses who hide behind their bag man.

What a demeaning insult to a Police Officer to be called a bag man or act as one not only to himself but his uniform and the profession.

Mike, you are already doing penance, otherwise you would not be making these declarations for the world to see.

Ask God for forgiveness, make amends with yourself and the world.
As for your comment: "I hope you get what is coming to you someday what ever that may be. "

I already have.

I have gained the respect and admiration from warriors in uniform around the globe who do honor to their oaths and to the cause of justice and the Law.

I sleep quite peacefully at night thank you and wish you the same


Wednesday, July 5th, 2006 'The New York Daily News'

Once Bernard Kerik admitted to being a crook, the former NYPD commissioner's name had to come off of a lower Manhattan jail, Mayor Bloomberg said yesterday.

The jail, nicknamed The Tombs, was christened the Bernard B. Kerik Complex nearly five years ago by outgoing Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Kerik's powerful patron. But after Kerik pleaded guilty on Friday to taking improper gifts and loans while in office, the city quietly removed the name over the weekend.

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