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Thursday, October 19, 2006

What manner of of beast puts on a soldiers uniform in full body armor carrying the worlds most advanced weapons holds your little sister to the ground while his buddies wait their turn to rape and ravage her and when their sickly pleasure done take her life with weapons bought with your tax dollars?

What manner of savage beast in soldiers uniform hiding in the safety of an armored vehicle, against the stones and tears of helpless women and children trying to protect their home, roll over your daughter,crushing her like a toy backing over her for good measure for for sickness of their joy.
(men who swore "never again")
What manner of pompous beast occupies the highest office in the land, paid by our your tax dollars,
boasts communion with God, orders the destruction of sovereign nations, committing crimes of war unimaginable by a democratic nation.
Restricting the freedom of a free people, allowing the use of torture, denying an accused right to counsel under the guise of bringing democracy and justice to the world?
No manner of four legged beast is he but a shameless coward who does not deserve the name of man.

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