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Monday, December 04, 2006
Arizona cop had men rap away ticket



Not according to some dead beats, that include a mayor, a police chief and a religious used RACE CARD dealer.
Even a cracker wanker woman calling for the officers suspension.
I think the cracker needs some detention she wants attention.
Any Po Po that leaves the subject of a traffic stop smilin and rappin
He got my vote He got me clappin
Hey mayor you need some chillin
show you got gutts and that your willin
Cut the Man some slack
Don't have a heart attack
Get offa his back
Yo I'm rappin and I aint even black.......DUHHHH
Lighten up Tempe Az.

Note: the administration probably wants to take away focus from where it really belongs.
Racism and profiling.
Six Muslim leaders were removed from a US Airways flight in handcuffs last week and questioned for several hours after being seen praying together before boarding the plane. After their release, US Airways denied them passage on any of its other flights and refused to help them obtain tickets through another airline.
An imam at the Islamic Center of Tempe, AZ. was one of six imams

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