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Thursday, January 22, 2009
israel's war criminals
Israeli Supreme Court Rejects Humanitarian Plea

Meanwhile, the Israeli Supreme Court has rejected a petition from two human rights groups seeking the evacuation of Gaza’s wounded and the immediate delivery of electricity to power Gaza’s crumbling infrastructure.
Gaza’s health, water and sewage systems all suffered extensive damage in the Israeli attack after already barely functioning before the invasion.
The court rejected the petitions without even waiting to hear the arguments against it by the Israeli government.

Is it any wonder Hamas has come into power?
Is it any wonder they wish to destroy Israel?

Israeli so called soldiers armed to the teeth with weapons supplied by US at a billion dollars a year of our tax dollars while Americans are out of work and loosing their homes they take joy in sadistically shooting unarmed civilians point blank and then taking pleasure in watching them bleed to death.
Cease fire? what fire? Hamas has nothing more than the equivalent of roman candles.
Israel has armored tanks, helicopters, F16's and war ships and chemical weapons all of which they used against an unarmed civilian population in violation of any law of human dignity.
Their greed and soulless depravity have no limits.

Where is the moral outrage?
What is happening to our humanity,

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