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Tuesday, January 19, 2010
Obomba's bunco game of bombs and bankers.
They win we loose.
Obomba's capitalist bankers, generals and corporations are victims of their own myths, illusions and lies.
This would be fine with me, except while they get to pick up the money, we are left to pick up the pieces.
They are without shame, without moral and spiritual turpitude, without a sense of common decency for the common working class people, civilian and military, that do their dirty work.
All they can fathom is developing more weapons to protect their ill gotten gains. More weapons of carnage to slaughter innocent men women and children and call it collateral damage. It would serve them and us better if they put their minds and our money to better use.
IE, creating peace in the world instead of destruction. Unity instead of division. Openness instead of secrecy.
Truth instead of lies. Life instead of death. Hope instead of desperation..
Peace in place of war.

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