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Friday, February 19, 2010
Oh Bomba oh Bomba
It's really a shame
You're using your bombs instead of your brains

All of God's children are all the same
No matter their nation they all can feel pain

You could be a Champ
But you act like a Chump

You smile and look cool while you stand on your stump
While bombs and missiles you continue to dump
Others children you dismember and maim
Some in their beds are killed in their sleep

Imagine If Malia or Natasha was one of their names
For Michelle there would be weeping and gnashing of teeth

Oh Bomba oh Bomba
What is it you don't understand?
Get out of Iraq and Afghanistan

Now your thinking your next move's Iran
The blood of innocence is on your hands

If you mean what you say and want to save lives
Then send the troops home to their husbands and wives

I'm sure the world is impressed with your charms
But imagine holding your daughters without any arms

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