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Sunday, March 13, 2011
Cuban authorities said American officials, who eventually acknowledged that Mr. Gross lacked a proper visa and was working on a secretive United States Agency for International Development, or Usaid, program to expand Internet access, must have known such equipment was barred in Cuba without a permit.
They accused Mr. Gross of being a spy, tried him and convicted him of taking part in “a subversive project of the U.S. government that aimed to destroy the revolution through the use of communications systems out of the control of authorities.” (New York Times)

SOUNDS RIGHT TO ME. Another case of the Emperors meddling in world affairs.


When Israel uses air, land and sea bombardment against unarmed civilians, it's OK.
When Obomba uses gun ships to slaughter children gathering wood, it's OK.
When Qaddafi, the oil man, does it against armed insurgents, it's NO,, NO bad boy, Immoral.
Let's get real you don't preach YOUR hypocrisy, you teach by example, THAT'S DEMOCRACY.
You can't play intelligent people, the world over, for fools.
It affects your credibility, stupid.

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