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Sunday, March 20, 2011
A well put together piece by JON WILDE, though not entirely accurate; even if referring to wikipedia. For one I was never married four times and don't even know who the women are I've supposed to have wedded. To get to the point certain types of people with issues, seem to like to hint that I am anti-semit.

For the record there is only one thing I am anti. That is hypocracy especially when leading to injustice. No matter who the culprit is, that is allowed to get away with slaughter of innocence.especially under the guise of bringing Democracy to the world. More often than not by force.

Let us see how many innocent people we will kill this time,in Labia, as we did in Irac and Afganistan for a cause that does not exist except for greed.

First WE blow them away and then WE build them up.

It is called good business, It is also called war profiteering as in HALBERTON etc.

It is the leaders and their followers who, do their evil deeds, out of fear of reprisal against them or from years of brainwashing by the media and those in power. Weather it be the U.S.,Israel, Labia, China, the Vatican.

With all the world religions opposing each other while the War Mongers make more and more weapon's of mass distruction to kill their fellow men, women and children.

I believe as Thomas Pane: "I am a citizen of the world"

No I am not anti-Semitic. As my significant other stated:

It seems the thing that makes me angriest is "the mistreatment of animals, plants, people and natural resources.

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