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Sunday, September 08, 2013

                                 THE EMPORER HAS NO WOES
                                           (There is a better way)

 The enemy today is not Afghanistan, the Taliban, terrorist, or other list

The enemy is poverty, deception, pride and greed.
 Hatred and militarism of those that have too much
and those that are in need.

An eye for an eye leaves both men blind
A helping hand is returned in kind.
There is a better way

Can we not see our arrogance, the puffed up attitude,
The firepower, body-armor, the hot meals we include.
Contrast their sparse existence, making designer clothes.
Do we think about the way they live, do we care about their woes?

 Toiling for millionaires, suffering, dying for pennies a day
Surely there must a better way.

We mourn and condemn the senseless death of OUR children at the hands of ones “demonic” and “deranged”
Yet THEIR children killed by Drones and missile strikes, “collateral damage,”
Don’t we find that strange.?

They that live close to the earth, “Barbaric” I hear you say 
   “Ours is the only way.”
Competing armies line up in a queue,
One by one they fail, another stands at bay.
Surely there must be a better way.

The commander boasts, I can kill at any time, any country
Anyone gets in my way.
Death list in hand like a child’s Christmas wish list,
Asking for a sleigh.
But a life is not a toy, these are human beings we slay.
Surely there must be a better way.

Has arrogance blinded you? Have you gone astray?
But “they want to kill Us” I often hear you say.
Oh, and we not them, pray.
Surely there must be a better way.

Speaking the truth is called aiding the enemy, today.
Those that dare resist incarcerated.
The keys are thrown away.
Held without trial or bail,  
As their memory fades away.

We don’t torture people here, not in the U.S.A.
We ship the off to foreign lands, sequester them away.
Across the border is far enough,
Good old Gitmo Bay.

They dare to go on hunger strike, they think we’ll turn them loose”
Strap ‘em down, stick a tube down their trough, stuff ‘em like a goose.
Our fallen we honor with pomp and ceremony.
Those we fell we piss on with hate and acrimony.

Politics are not about freedom or equality
But who can raise the higher fee.
 for favors and immunity
Civilized or Demoralized?
  There must be a better way.

 “Who is this man” I hear you say, “He speaks tyranny,
 He aides the enemy, don’t let him get away”
No your highness, I don’t aide the enemy,
I want to leave the world a better place.
I wish to serve and aide a loving human race.  

Let us bow our heads and pray
Join our hearts and hands today
And together find a better way
There is a better way

C Francesco Serpico 2013

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